New York trip day 4

Day 4 started rainy, so we decided to go by subway to the staten island ferry. With the Staten Island ferry you can go for free to staten island (recommendation: do it, you’ll love the view you’ll get on the south side of Manhattan). From this ferry you get a nice view on the Statue of Liberty too.

view from the staten island ferry

docked in Staten Island

statue of liberty

To use our subway ticket we took a bus to the staten Island mall (located in the middle of Staten Island). During this three-fourths hour bus journey we saw a completely other side of New York. Not a glamorous, sparkling or tourist overloaded side. We saw how the simple working people lived. We were in a shopping centre where only locals were, and i really liked that. I liked seeing the real life, the life of ordinary people, to see  who makes the sparkle we are seeing when visiting New York. 

Later that day, we went to the Wall street and i really really liked it. Unfortunately, the mass of tourists around the bull, ruined all my pictures.  

the bull/wallstreet

wall street

new york stock exchange

And last but not least, we walked back the broadway to our hotel, and I couldn’t resist the temptation to buy some Nike sneakers (which I searched for in approximately 20 foot lockers). 

In the evening we walked to the 5th avenue (it was  a day of seeing differences). Definitely  a gossip girl moment. 

5th ave.


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