Erase your History?

Ever thought about starting new? Defining a new you. having the chance to rewrite your History. Erase your mistakes. Make your failures unhappen. Well, I think the most of us thought about it at some point, but I`m not sure, if the most people would really do it, without hesitating or not. When you think longer about it, you`ll realize that erasing History would have consequences. And I don´t mean the wonderful dreamy consequences, i mean the not discountable ones. The person you would have never met, the dream destination you would had never discovered. Yeah, ugly things that happen, can lead to gorgeous ones. And the thing about life is the balance. Amazing things happen as well as awful things. The balance makes it. To be honest, wouldn`t it be strange to only experience wonderful stuff, wouldn`t it weaken you? If you never experienced tragedies, it will hit you even harder when they happen, and believe me they will happen. Life isn`t a sappy teenage dream where you make an awesome career, have a gorgeous husband, and children of course, and save the world by the way. NO. Life is about seeing the world as it`s whole. See for what you should be grateful, and appreciating it. See what you can do, what you can change to be a better person, a person that YOU love more. Yes right, you. Firstly you should love yourself, you should be happy with yourself. It`s more important what you think about yourself, than what others think. Believe me. Nothing is cooler than a person who is self confident. Who knows what they want. And don`t hesitate to get it. In life you learn, learn and learn. By this process you form yourself. You decide what person you want to be. But I think events, decisions and people as well from the past as from the present interact in this process. So it`s important to don`t erase History, even if the temptation is enormous. Don`t erase your story, the path you went, use it instead to learn from it. You develop yourself in life. A person with a history, a story to tell, has a character and isn`t afraid to show it. So stand to your past, maybe even use it, as a negative or positive example, but really use it for your present. To make mistakes not twice, get wiser, and most importantly to don`t get stuck in your past.


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