Sometimes I miss you

The most days I’m happy with my life. Laugh all the time. Try to be nice to everyone. But there are also some days where i only miss you. Miss the past. Miss the days i could spent with you. Miss the times where we talked all night. Miss the person i was when i was with you. Miss the way you looked at me. Miss you. 

But then i realize that a new chapter has begun. With  new and different paths. Good paths. 

It’s kind of crazy. I still write with you a lot, talk with you from time to time, but it’s not the same as seeing you day for day. In the past i could talk to you face to face. Screen to screen isn’t the same. 

So sometimes I’ve got weak moments and miss you. But I think nothing is wrong about that. About reminding myself of the past. It helps me sometimes doing the right thing in the present. 

So today’s one of this weak moments, but writing this down really helps me to find strength and to smile and continue my new life. 


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