My trip to Paris

As promised, here`s an entry about my trip to Paris.


Day 1: Surprisingly we founded our Apartment without any problems. It was located quite central, near to the Seine and the Louvre, so we could explore Paris by foot, which is a lot easier than being dependent on the metro. In general I think that a good living location is a must have for an excellent city trip. As we were all tired from our journey we only went a bit shopping that day in the Rue Rivoli were a lot of different shops a located, and we tried their clothes on for hours.

paris house

Day 2: The next day we started our real Sightseeing program and went to the Louvre. Luckily we came inside without waiting for hours, as someone told us where the second entrance was, and as we didn`t have to pay for our tickets we only had to pass the security. After this two minute process we went throw the museum for hours and looked at different ancient art, statures, paintings, and of course the Mona Lisa.

louvreview from the louvre

In the afternoon we went to Notre-Dame, which is located on an island, surrounded by the Seine. We also went to the quite famous bookstore Shakespeare and Company where we read ourselves throw a lot of books. We were all fascinated by this shop as really everywhere surround us were all sort of books,from historical to thrillers. After that we went to the Seine, lying in the sun and enjoying Paris architecture, fantasising about how it would be living in an apartment under the roof in Paris where we would have our own roofgarden maybe even a pool.

shakespeare and companynotre dame

Day 3: This day we visited Sacré-Coeur, and after a lot of stairs ( In such a moment you realise how bad your endurance is.) we had an astonishing view over Paris and of course we made a lot of photos to capture this cool moment. Of course we went inside Sacre-Coeur too, but because of the mass of people inside (a real tourism hotspot) we decided to explore the quarter instead of spending much time in the church.

sacre coeurview from scare coeur

Later that day we explored the 3e Arrondissement were a lot of cute shops are located, and so spent the rest of our day in dozens of little shops looking at nicknack, clothing and decorations. (In one day I was alone in more than 3 Maison du monde`s.)

The nights we often spent in little Pubs, as in our street were dozens of them, so our choices were big.

Day 4: The last real day we started with going to the Palais Royale, followed by going down the Champs Elysee. To our surprising there were not only luxury stores, so we went there a bit shopping too. After buying us there Sandwiches at Mark and Spencer`s we headed to the Eiffel tower where we made a little picnic. Then we made a lot of photos ( and selfies of course) of the Eiffel tower before we went with the metro to the north, to go a bit more shopping. Our target was Galeries Lafayette where we founded ourselves again in shopping heaven.

champs elyseeeiffel tower

Day 5: After a successful trip to Paris we now packed our bags again, indulging in memories of this awesome time, and began carrying on our journey through France, entering our train to the south.

train hopping

I liked this trip so much, and I`m sure that I will remember it for many years.


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