My banner 1/4


Time to explain all the words in the banner. Words that maybe describe me a little. This is the first line (1/4).

Love~Love is comlicating, strange, but amazing. My relationship to it is only a bit complicated.

Luck~Everyone wants luck. Being lucky is gorgeous.

Joke~What would i do without joking?

Fashion~Fashion gives you the possibility to express yourself. I like fashion, but I don`t go with every trend.

Sarcasm~Oh yes, sarcasm. I like sarcasm. It`s a good way of dealing with things.

Humour~I like people who have humour. Have humour!

Life~Well, that`s life. It`s necessary to deal with it.

Enjoy~Always, enjoy everything. Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy

Time~i`m a person who looks often on the watch. I need time, and time needs me.^^

Play~Have fun. Good tip: Play sometimes.


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