From friends to strangers

Isn`t it strange how friends can come to strangers over night?

One day you were very close to someone and could have talked with them about everything, and the next, it feels like you don`t know this person anymore and everything is weird.

Maybe that`s how life works, it`s a sign to show that it`s time to move on. I find it really hard to forget. It isn`t that easy to delete memories, you cannot push a reset button, in real life it takes time to accept that losses have been made. It is hard to accept that some friends change over time, hopefully some few will stay for longer, a truly long time.

But to don`t lose the point, I`m really confused by how little influence we have on our future, and our companions. I feel like i want to get close friends with some people again, but I see that it`s to late for that option, i must accept that I`ve lost some great friends. Of course new friends come, and new memories, but new memories don`t dub the old ones.


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