Favorite of the day 


 Cool Adidas Originals Superstar sneakers.💙 

To be fair my all time favorite sneakers are with  dark blue stripes. (Maybe because I’ve got a crush on blue white stripped things.) 

Sneakers are perfect for city trips, as they are comfy. So, whether it are your new nike besties or some cool Adidas Superstars, one pair of sneakers belong in every suitcase for weekend city trips. 

My paris trip sneakers where some Nike drs as they where so comfy and I walked with them everyday about 10 kilometers for sure. 🇫🇷👟

Favorite of the day 

  I’m definitely and all over addicted to shoes especially boots. 💙
These two are from Asos and look both fashionable and perfect for autumn. 🍂🍁

The brown ones on the left reflect perfectly my style, 

The red ones on the right aren’t brown ( I have a crush on brown boots) but still look so elegant and perfect for grey rainy November days.