New York trip Day 3 

Day 3 started with going over one of New Yorks tourism hotspots, the Brooklyn bridge. As the city is big, we went with the subway to Brooklyn (I would recommend to everyone visiting New York a one week Subway ticket, as it’s quite cheap, with approximately 30$, and you’ll go to so many more places when you don’t have to walk to everything). We walked through the Brooklyn bridge park, where were nearly no tourists and the view from there is great (recommendation!) and then walked over the Brooklyn bridge and enjoyed the view on the south of Manhattan.

After eating some delicious açai bowls ( I really love them!), we went to the grand central station, I mean who can’t remember the first Gossip girl scene where Serena arrived there? 

Later we went again shopping at the Broadway, and i bought some fancy sneakers. 

In the evening we went to Vapiano, a restaurant which is in Europe quite famous, I don’t know how popular it is in the USA. 

New York trip Day 2

In the morning we went to Highline park, definitely one of my personal highlights of the trip. Highline park, an originally railway line, is now a cool park area about 10m above the streets. The atmosphere there is unique and you get from there a completely new view on the city. 

Afterwards we went to the Times Square, this place everyone is mentioning when talking about New York. Maybe thats why my expectations where so high, too high, and i was a bit disappointed when we were finally there. Times Square is a cool place without questioning, but I think, compared with some other cool places to visit in New York, it’s kind of overrated. 

At the Times Square is also one of the biggest H&M stores worldwide. A DJ is even playing there while you shop, and of course i went shopping. 

Later this day we went to the Chrysler Building, with the hope of going to the top and enjoying a great view from there (A tip of a friend). But we weren’t allowed, so it was only a short visit. 

This day we were also at the Broadway and the 5th Avenue. I mean how can you go to New York without going a bit shopping. 

From this shop window I really had to take a pic, don’t ask why. 

Don’t ask why, Broadway, NY

New York trip Day 1

Sorry for posting it not before,  i was quite busy the last weeks, but better late than never. 

Day 1 

After a long flight i was so happy when we finally arrived at JFK. It felt like my dream became finally reality. But i came soon back to reality, when we had to wait over an hour at the passport control. Yeah. 

Then we took a cab into the city (tip: do only drive with the official ones) and checked in into our little one room appartment. I loved the location, as East village is a young and awake neighborhood. 

After taking a little nap( One word:  Jetlag) we went to the piers at the west side of manhattan and observed this beautiful city in the evening sun. 

Later we went to the financial district and the nine-eleven memorial, a point you should definitely pay a visit. 

Ignore excavator in the front

Naive as we were, we tought going into a supermarket would solve our food problems, but as we entered the store we realized soon that even supermarkets in New York City are super expensive. Prices to and fro, we were hungry so we brought spaghetti (I know, classic New York food (Hint of sarcasm)), and went then finally to sleep, better said we tried as the Jetlag wasn’t that kind to us. 

Day 1/7 . ~Stay tuned ~