Shakespeare and company 

 Some time ago I posted an article about 10 independent bookshops you should visit. One of them was Shakespeare and Company in Paris. 

This bookstore is really amazing. Located next to the Seine, Shakespeare and Company has English books of all sorts. When I entered the store I felt immediately home, surrounded by books. 

I bought myself the book “The secret history” by Donna Tartt, which is in my eyes quite brilliantly written.  

 When you buy there a book you get if you want this stamp in your book, so you will always remember where you bought it. I like this idea. 

All in all, this bookstore has an enormous range of books and I would recommend every one who goes to Paris to visit Shakespeare and Company, because you will surely find there a book you want to read. 

By the way the next book I want to read is “The opposite of loneliness”. A friend of me said this book is a must have to have read.  

I want to be free

I want to be free. Looking at the sky.

Thinking about how to fly. Not how to fall. 

Dreaming about the future. Leaving the past. 

Traveling the world. Seeing the real life. 

Enjoying new adventures. With the best. Not the worst. 

Doing what I want. When I want. Where I want. 

Making new friends. Who like me like I am. 

Smiling all day. Not allowing grumpy people near to you.

 I want to be free. Looking at the sky. 

Thinking about how to fly. Not how to fall.