My banner 4/4

banner time

Part four of the description of my banner. This is the last line (4/4).

Water~You need water to stay alive, and i don`t know why, but I like water quite much.

Special~Everyone is special to someone. Believe me.

Trust~Trust is priceless.

Pen~I like to write, and a good pen can be the beginning of a good story.

Home~Home mustn`t be a destination, it can also be a feeling.

Sweet~I heared so often “Oh how sweet you are”, that this adjective kind of annoys.

Bird~Free as a bird.

Gold~A colour that people often falsly associate with wealth.

Berry~I like strawbeeries, raspbeeries and bluebeeries.

Owl~Being wise as an owl.

Mood~I don`t like moody people.

As this is the last line, I now described my whole banner. I said one time more what I think, what`s important to me, and in what I truely believe. I think it`s important to stand up for your own ideals, your own opinion, to show the world that you are an independent thinking person.

summer is coming

I love this feeling of summer is coming. I know it’s still spring, and the flowers are still in their growing process, but knowing  that it will be soon summer makes me happy. Sun will shine brighter. Temperatures will rise. I definitely like summer.