Part 2/2 of the story.

Maybe I should tell you the truth.
Be honest to you.
But what if that makes it all worse?
It would be horrible for me.
I need you.
I can’t lose you.
You understand me.
But if you understand me, why don’t you see it?
Realise it isn’t the same anymore.
I can’t tell you the truth.
The risk of losing is too high.
I’m sorry.

Part 1/2 of the story

I miss you and I know it’s dump.
How can I act like everything is ok?
I don’t want this anymore.
Is there any possibility to change this all?
Change us?
what we are.

Favourite of the day


I love this wonderful outfit. ♡
Looks fashionable,
Looks comfortable,
Looks like I know what I’ll wair tomorrow. 
Oufit is made out of basics,
So it’s easy to make your own outfit in this style.
-white pullover (not too small!)
-denim blouse
-black short skirt
-brown bag
-brown shoes
-semi transparent tights
So make your own outfit.
Pic from Instagram
From thestylechick